Library Rules -

  1. Identity Card is compulsory to all the students enrolled
  2. Every student should possess identity card in the college campus. On demand, he or she should produce the same
  3. Duplicate identity card will be issued to registered student if necessary after paying @ Rs. 25/-
  4. UG and PG students are given two books and junior college students are given one book for a week
  5. Students appearing for competitive examination are given one additional book
  6. Students should take care of books issued to them
  7. They should inform about missing pages to the library (counter) staff
  8. Missing page @ Rs. 1/- per page and binding charges of @ Rs. 10/- per book will be charged
  9. The last term book will have to replaced with latest edition otherwise, twice the price of the latest edition will be charged. Subject to a minimum of Rs. 10/-
  10. Issue section is kept open during Deepavali Vacation
  11. Books not returned in time will attract fine, even during vacation
  12. Misbehavior will be a sufficient reason for the cancellation of admission
  13. Suggestion Box is kept in the reading room
  14. Constructive suggestion / Complains are welcome
  15. Photocopying facility at moderate rate is available in the library
  16. In case of any grievance, contact the librarian.
  17. The librarian may racall a book at any time before its due date, he may increase the over due charges for the failure to return a book within due date
  18. Smoking, spitting, eating chit-chatting are strictly prohibited
  19. Reader should not mark, scratch, detach any page or figures from the books
  20. No document should be taken from one section to another section without the knowledge and permission of library staff
  21. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the library premises
  22. Books issued can be retained only for seven days
  23. Reference / Rare books are not issued out, However, they can be made available in the reading room
  24. Working hours : Monday to Saturday 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM